All Hands In

Diversity Committee

Committee Leaders


Nashetah Thomas-EL

Head of Diversity Committee


Jayden Odum

Head of Mental Health Committee


Hafsa Gaballa

Head of Sexual Harassment/Assault Awareness

Head of Diversity Committee

Head of Mental Health Committee

Head of Sexual Assault/Awareness Committee


Sierra Coleman

Head of Curriculum and Staff Recruitment Committee


Tori Monroe

Head of Students' Rights Committee


Faith Dempsy

Head of School Funding

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Kathleen Lac

Treasury Committee

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Goals of DCYEA Committees


The main goal of the Diversity Committee is to add sufficient diversity to all schools in Delaware County. These goals will be achieved by advocating for a more diverse education curriculum and staff, creating a Black student union in every high and middle school, incorporating and normalizing conversations about the social justice movements currently occurring in the U.S., push schools to vocalize their support for students (i.e. stating "Black Lives Matter", "LGBTQ+ Lives Matter", "Immigrant Lives Matter, etc.), and integrate a school policy for hate speech with an emphasis on slander such as the N-word, xenophobic slurs, LGBTQ+ slurs, etc.

Mental Health

The goal of the Mental Health Committee is to enforce advocation for mental health in all schools in Delaware county. These goals will be achieved by: promoting the presence and proper advertising of social workers and psychologists present in schools, therapy groups and official safe spaces placed in schools, initiating conversations about mental health, especially amongst minority groups, including diverse guidance counselors, providing books and other resources regarding mental health, incorporating discussions on mental health regularly in health class, and facilitating more detailed conversations on addiction in the youth ( i.e. vaping, drinking, smoking, technology, etc.).

Sexual Harassment/Assault Awareness

The main goal of the Sexual Harassment Awareness is to push for effective sexual education, specifically sexual harassment and awareness, in all schools. These goals will be achieved by endorsing Safebae, enforcing Title IX, creating safe spaces in all schools, preventing the miseducation of sexual harassment, especially on social media, stealing pictures online, sending nudes in general, commend the start of sexual education in middle school, incorporating sexual education discussions in health class, including LGBT+ topics, and supplementing conversations about domestic abuse (i.e. toxic relationships).

Curriculum and Staff Recruitment

The main goal of the Curriculum and Staff Recruitment Committee is to press for a curriculum  and diverse staff that represents all students for schools in Delaware County. These goals will be achieved by: advocating for a diverse curriculum in middle and high schools and diverse staff (i.e. teachers, administration, guidance counselors, security guards, social workers, psychologists etc.),  implementing professional development skills in schools, and impel mandatory diversity inclusion and non-biased training annually.

Students' Rights

The main goal of the Student' Rights Committee is to make all students aware of their rights as a student in and outside of school for schools in Delaware County. These goals will be achieved by facilitating forums and press conferences as well as spreading awareness through social media and the newsletter. The rights DCYEA advocates and endorses are: Title IX, LGBT+ rights, women's rights, BIPOC rights, voting rights, and rights that should be reformed (i.e. right not to vaccinate in school, freedom of speech that includes hate speech, etc.).

School  Funding

The main goal of the School Funding Committee is to allocate and raise funds for all schools in Delaware County. These goals will be achieved by fundraisers and attending schools' finance meetings. These funds will be raised for schools' textbooks, technology, clubs, sports, food, building renovations,  new curriculums,  and field trips.