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Ridley High School
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Garnet Valley High School
Haverford High School
Upper Darby High School
Springfield High School
Academy Park High School
Penn Wood High School
Strath Haven High School
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01. The Organization

The Delaware County Youth Education Alliance is a proactive organization that focuses on advocating for school reform. The main principle of DCYEA is work by the students, for the students. Based on this principle, we have representation from various schools in Delaware County in order to amplify the voices within them.

02. Our Schools

DCYEA is composed of 10 schools. Those schools include: Ridley High School, Radnor Highs School, Garnet Valley High School, Haverford High School, Upper Darby High School, Springfield High School, Academy Park High School, Penn Wood High School. Each member is dedicated to represent and give voice to their school.

03. Goals

The overall goal of the Delaware County Youth Education Alliance is to give a voice to students regarding school reform. However, there are 4 specific goals that are going to be achieved by DCYEA. The first is to have a voter registration drive at each school. The future of America lies in they youth, so adequate depiction of the youth in politics is critical to DCYEA. The second goal is for all schools to record and publicize their board meetings. The representatives of DCYEA have acknowledge is is difficult to discover more about their schools. Publicizing school board meetings would allow transparency between the school and its students.The third goal is to have more educators of color. It is key to have representation of all students to provide effective education. Lastly, the fourth goal is to utilize social workers within Delaware County school districts. Social workers are a vital part of society's wellbeing which should not be exempt to school.

04. Committees 

DCYEA is contains 7 committee: Diversity Committee, Mental Health Committee, Sexual Harassment/Awareness Committee, Curriculum and Staff Recruitment Committee, Students’ Rights Committee. School Funding Committee, and Financial Committee. Each committee as a set of goals that regard the betterment of school across Delaware County. 

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